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I met Sensei John when I first started my Jiu Jitsu Journey two years ago. I was uncoordinated, overweight and hadn't been active in a long time. Oftentimes, BJJ can be overwhelming with the amount of techniques and styles especially as a beginner. Prof. John always made things simple, stick to the basics and take things one day a time and stay consistent. With his instruction and his support I was able to thrive as a BJJ practitioner and developed a deep love for the sport and the community. His coaching in the academy and at tournaments was always superb. Blessed to have Sensei John as an instructor and friend!

Asma S.

Professor John Manis is a great instructor/coach and mentor. When I first started Jiu-Jitsu, he made sure I felt welcomed. I quickly noticed how passionate he was about creating a sense of community in our Academy. He's accessible, enthusiastic and caring. He is a skilled leader with a passion for learning. His has a vast knowledge of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and great deal of passion for helping students achieve their goals!

Sepi M

I was very fortunate to have trained with professor John at A-Force NY for a few years. He tailors his teaching based on the individual's strength and weakness. He was always eager to explain techniques. He is a natural at teaching children. He strives to create a family atmosphere in the academy. It is a privilege to be trained under professor John.

Dr. Wong

Professor John is the kind of instructor you get once in a blue moon. As a teacher myself I am extra critical of who I train under and John exudes all the qualities of a well-rounded instructor.

Professor John is hands on, supportive and involved in my growth as an older jiu jitsu practitioner. Endlessly patient, he answers my questions and never minds showing me yet another time how to do even the most basic of drills. He is meticulous in observing me and provides critical, minor adjustments as I practice techniques during sparring. Even after class is finished, he is always available to stay on the mats to review techniques, answer additional questions or just roll with me.

Ever conscious of my concerns with old injuries, he allows me to work at my pace, suggests techniques that lend itself to my body and limits and is careful of who he teams me up with. That said, Professor also has a keen awareness of when I can be pushed a little further than I think I can go.

It would be remiss of me to not mention that as a slighter female at 5'3" and 120 lbs, that Professor John has always made me feel comfortable training in an environment that can be intimidating. It is a genuine pleasure knowing I can train with him and feel safe. He is acutely sensitive to creating an environment that ensures women focus more on training and less on worrying.

In a male dominated sport his welcoming, empathetic approach to including women on the mats is rare and refreshing!

I cannot recommend Professor John enough! If you are lucky enough to train with him on the mats-enjoy his energy and expertise!

Lily T.

Professor John was in a lot of was my first exposure to jiu jitsu, and he's been a huge part of my maturation as a competitor and with my overall mindset and approach. Professor John has been training for a long time. He has an old school approach to the hard work and discipline that comes with improvement, but is also always looking for ways to improve his own approach to the game.

John is extremely detail oriented, and is constantly studying and relating the smallest technical minutia to larger overarching concepts in a way that makes his Jiu Jitsu both intuitive and easy to engage with. Whether you want to be a competitor, learn to defend yourself, or just to get in shape in an engaging and fun atmosphere, John's experience with the martial arts and ability to explain concepts makes him the perfect fit.

Professor John is warm and charismatic and as straight up as they come, so you'll never have to worry about not feeling welcome at his gym - just bring an eagerness to learn!

I know for a fact that he has a ton of experience working with kids as well, and loves building a safe, creative and fun atmosphere for kids to gain all the great benefits that come with Jiu Jitsu.

Andrew K

Aside from being a great black belt in his own right, John is also an amazing teacher. He is hands on with all his students, a rarity for some jiu jitsu schools. He walks you through each class and maneuver with detail. This gym will be great for any skill level, from beginner to higher belts.

Steve D

I have been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for three years and am fortunate enough to have taken many classes that were taught by John Manis at our academy in Great Neck, NY where John taught under our main instructor on many occasions. He is an inspirational leader and motivator who loves to teach and coach others on the fine details of the art. His fun personality made the grueling but satisfying workouts feel like fun. He is very lighthearted and fun but knows how to teach and practice Jiu Jitsu with intensity that doesn't make it feel intense if that even makes sense. He is the kind of teacher anyone studying this art at any level should experience. His positive vibes are contagious. I had my son who is 13 take a few lessons with John at our school and my son has been training ever since. He is not only a great coach but also a great teammate, there at every tournament supporting us even when he wasn't competing. John never stops coaching and is the kind of teacher that will stay behind after class to show his students what they did wrong and how to correct it. He left our gym to move his family to Florida where he plans to open his own gym. If I lived in the area, I would be his first student signing up at his school and my son his second. I wish him the best of luck and have zero doubt his school will be packed with lucky students learning Jiu Jitsu from someone that lives and breathes it. Oss to John and his future school.

Elias M, Esq.

You're going to want to train here! I've trained under professor John Manis since 2014 - and he is also my Jiu-Jitsu mentor and friend. John has tremendous Jiu-Jitsu knowledge and many years of experience. From the first day it was apparent that he had a deep love for the art. I appreciate that he is approachable and can teach Jiu-Jitsu with seriousness alongside humor. He even coached me through my very first competition matches. John is always there to answer questions and provide advice to improve your skills. Besides training his adult students - I've seen him transform his younger students, including his own kids, into great practitioners by instilling respect, creativity, and a sense of hard work. Take action, don't hesitate, and visit Ponta Verde Beach Jiu-Jitsu today!

Reza M.

Professor John's technique is reflected in every student he works with. He is patient but diligent and goes the extra mile to push his students to their fullest potential.

Prof. John creates a tough, structured, yet non-threatening environment which is quite refreshing and exciting for a woman in basically a predominately male driven sport. He makes everyone feel comfortable and capable to reach their next level in martial arts. This is definitely not your average school, he offers so much more such as respect, knowledge, loyalty, sweat, strength and a great community of like-minded individuals. Definitely a must go.

Anna C.

I have known John since we were white belts. He is a lifelong martial artist, devoted father, and dedicated instructor with an intuitive approach to teaching Jiu-Jitsu techniques. Highly recommended for all ages and experience levels.

Paul V.