The Art of 8 Limbs - The Sport of Kings - Muay Thai is a 2000 year old martial art from Thailand that is now recognized as one of the most explosive, exciting and powerful striking systems in the world.

Combining punching, elbow strikes, knees and kicks with standup grappling and throws, it is a great addition for anyone looking to be a well-rounded martial artist. Plus, it's hugely fun and has been shown to burn hundreds of calories in an average class.

Jax Muay Thai (JMT) will be providing the highly experienced coaches and curriculum for this program.

JMT has been the leading force in bringing authentic Muay Thai to Jacksonville for the last 10 years and they have established themselves as one of the countries top gyms with multiple National and North American Titles, plus JMT students representing at World Championships and the prestigious World Games.

Meet your Instructors:

Meet your Instructors:

Kru Giles

Kru Giles

Over 33 years in martial arts, with the last 22 devoted to Muay Thai.

A former South African Tae-kwon-Do and Kickboxing Champion who fell in love with Muay Thai, Kru Giles is the highest level of instructor in the Khanomtom System and has trained with many world champions and legends of the sport.

He started Jax Muay Thai as a full time school in 2012. Under his guidance JMT has gone on to produce many champions but more importantly it's impacted hundreds of students lives for the better.

Kru Giles has a degree in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition from Greenwich University in London, he's also the author of 5-Minute Flexibility, and was recognized by Men's Fitness Magazine as one of the country's top trainers in 2007.

Coach Austin Amell

Coach Austin Amell

  • 2 times USA Team Member for World Championships in Bangkok 2019 and the World Games in Alabama 2022.
  • Gold Medalist USMF Tournament in Denver 2022 
  • 3 times National Champion, South East Champion and Florida State Champion

Austin has been training with JMT since 2015 and is JMT’s most accomplished fighter. 

Not only is he a smart and exciting fighter he’s also an excellent technical coach with an eye for detail, having trained with, and competed alongside, some of the best in the world.

Austin is passionate about teaching every aspect of this beautiful and powerful martial art.

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